Community News

The Budget Meeting was held November 6, 2014 and the new 2015 budget was approved. It was explained that the fees had to be increased because of rising water usage, cable increasing and more funds needed to be added to the Roofing Reserve. In reality there should have been a fee increase two years ago, but in trying to keep the fees the same we were actually eating the difference in the increases.

We have also, signed a new five year Brighthouse contract that upgrades the whole complex to High Definition. This deal includes one HD box and the service for the same cost we are paying for Basic cable and the price is frozen for two years. For those that do not choose to have this service it will not interfere with your Basic service.

The Election for the Board of Directors will be held December 9th at 7pm at the Brandon Community Center. Your information on this will be mailed out soon.

Thank you..